Hospital - Health Facility Security Service, one of the most important institutions that pose a risk. Most complimented the Security of the hospital of the sanctity of human life, have received legal training and documentation, will run the project and we given.Special Security Company by the appropriate training from past Private Security Our staff technology will use makes first risk analysis of hospital or medical facilities. Security considerations are determined physical and technological Security needs and making necessary consultations project is created. Monitoring from the center if you need the Security service, making the retrieval and forwarding record, input-output control, patrol, counseling and welcoming as our institution by service work program by your presents.Hast - Health Authority is selected personnel for Security consists of people who have the necessary legal and necessary training. Our staff is supported by the necessary Security technology will be determined according to need. Private Security Company by experienced audit staff made our day operational control at certain times and provide continuous motivation of our staff. Our company's control by Private Security staff, on-site training to our personnel are also given. This training is constant. Audits are reported and presented to the authorities when necessary. Hospital - transmitted detailed information on the Security services to Health Organisation officials. 7/24 provided the necessary inspection and your Security seriously and carefully. We provide the highest level of service you require and safety. In peace, you can contact us with peace of mind.